Pre-Loss Solutions


Miami Specialty Risk offers our Pre-Loss Solutions through our trusted partners at 

Cyberwrite enables insurers, brokers and agents to cyberprofile and benchmark the cyber insurance risk of small-medium businesses worldwide, and to estimate the financial impact of potential cyber incidents on their business using our unique Cyber Profiling technology. Leading companies in the US and Europe use our insurance information and consultancy solutions for informed cyber underwriting, aggregated risk management, and digital customer enablement.


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Ongoing and on-demand data collection process designed to support cyber insurance policies

Cyberwrite continuously collects millions of unique data points across the internet to map industry and geography trends. The platform combines these insights with customer specific data, including past incidents, attack-surface, and digital exposure, to compile a thorough and robust report in minutes. All of the data we collect is public.


Cyber insurance risk profile comparison - tailored for your business

Each business, geography, and industry are exposed to different risks. Regulatory fines, Business interruption, Extortion, Forensics costs, and many more. Cyberwrite maps the collected data into the unique coverages of each cyber insurance policy and provides an industry benchmark to help understand how the risk of any given organization is compared to similar industry peers.


Assess the financial impact of the business to tailor the right policy for the business needs

Each business has a different financial exposure to cyber attacks based on its dependency on information technology, the type of data it collects and stores, geography, sector, cybersecurity maturity, as well as many other factors. Cyberwrite's financial impact model enables businesses to choose the right coverage limits for their needs using a data-driven approach.


Fully transparent overview in our dashboard, always up to date.

Underwriters and Chief Risk Officers can benefit from a customer, and book specific analytics dashboards provided, including actuarial scores and related data.