Contract specific technology E&O Coverage Designed to Support Mid-Sized to F500 Companies in their vendor governance programs

MSR VendorTech Overview

Global accounts that rely heavily on third party service providers for IT/OT support struggle on a daily basis to get their vendors to comply with indemnity and insurance requirements that either legal or procurement has mandated.  We estimate that major companies will have at least 50 small to mid-sized vendors they want/need to mandate this coverage for (could be upwards of 100 for very large enterprises).  Having these 50+ companies buy contract-specific E&O/cyber coverage that only inures to the benefit of the 'Owner'/Insured saves time and money in the negotiating process between the two parties. This reduced frictional cost is due to the fact that the vendor can agree to reasonable indemnity wording and can evidence excellent coverage at the proper limits; and at the same time guarantees the 'Owner'/Insured that the limits will be available to them in the event of a catastrophic, systemic event. In a tradition insurance scenario, the insurance procured by any one vendor could be spread across dozens or even hundreds of customers at one time. Our VendorTech program solves all of these problems.​

Excess + Surplus

A.M. Best Rating

Lloyd's of London

Coverage Highlights


  • Technology E&O 

  • Technology E&O  and Cyber Liability Bundle

Maximum Limit:

  • $10M per occurrence/aggregate

Minimum Deductible:

  • $2,500

Minimum Premium:

  • Contract-specific Technology E&O which inures only to the benefit of the “Owner”/sponsor of the program.

  • Vendor/third party service provider is the named insured.

  • Primary coverage to the Other Insurance (corporate E&O program) carried by the Insured/vendor

  • Broadened definition of damages

  • Affirmative coverage for unintentional Breach of Covered Contract (specifically named on the policy as the only covered contract)

  • Narrowed “fee” exclusion, important for E&O risks

  • No aggregate/cap on the number of participants

Revenue Limits:

  • Vendors should make less than $500k in annual revenue

Target Classes


Included but not limited to:

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Transportation

Excluded Classes:

  • Adult Entertainment

  • Gambling

  • Social Networking sites

  • Payment Processors

  • Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency related companies

Bundle Technology E&O and Cyber coverage in one comprehensive policy

MSR VendorTech+

  • Full limits for Breach Response relative to number of records for other customers

  • Full limits for fines and penalties

  • Most Favored Venue for fines, penalties, and punitive damages

  • Primary to the Other (cyber) Insurance carried by the Vendor


MSR VendorTech Application

Binding Requirements

  1. Completed MSR VendorTech Application

  2. Confirmation of PCI or HIPAA compliance, if applicable

  3. Number of transactions or individual records Insured has access to (of the Owner), if applicable

  4. Copy of the Statement of Work from the Covered Contract

  5. Confirmation that standard warranties and limitations have not been removed from the contract because of the existence of this insurance

Cyber Insights

Mary Guzman, Managing Director, explains the MSR VendorTech program and how this unique coverage is the first of its kind.

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