Ms. Guzman has 25+ years of brokerage experience consulting/advising and placing insurance mainly F1000 companies. Over the last 17 years, she focused on cyber/IT/media risks and coverages for global, complex clients.  Having done over 100 speaking engagements on the topic, and having served on several advisory boards/committees, Ms. Guzman has received an incredible amount of feedback over the years about what challenges companies face, what in-house counsel, risk managers, and CFOs don’t understand, and where the future pain points might be.  These challenges and the desire to offer a meaningful solution(s) are what has prompted Ms. Guzman to move to the underwriting side of the business.

Ms. Guzman joined Miami Specialty Risk as Managing Director, Cyber, E&O, and Intellectual Property in June, 2019.  She leads MGA’s efforts in these specialty product lines.

Ms. Guzman came to MSR after almost ten years with McGriff Seibels, & Williams, Inc. where she started in September of 2009 as a Senior Vice President, Errors & Omissions/Information Security Practice Leader concentrating on the design, placement and oversight of customized risk and insurance solutions for the Fortune 2000 companies. Mary has a background in both property/casualty and executive risks and has concentrated the past several years in the errors and omissions/professional liability, cyber/privacy, and media risks.  Ms. Guzman was instrumental in helping McGriff grow its practice grow from the ground up to be one of the most respected teams in the country. 


Ms. Guzman was also a senior broker for the Law Firm team at McGriff.  Ms. Guzman has been involved with the DHS and other government agencies where the insurance industry is leading some initiatives around helping public/private partnerships secure US Critical Infrastructure. 


Mary came to McGriff having served in Senior Vice President and Account Director roles at competing multinational brokers.  Mary served as the Regional Practice Leader in cyber/E&O risks for Marsh in the Southeast over 15 years ago, when these products were in their infancy, and then was at Willis running the global accounts team for four years.  Ms. Guzman 25+ years of experience, all of that on the brokerage side of the business.


Mary is a frequent speaker and has written publications related to information technology and security risk. She has spoken over 100 times on topics such as these, including:

  • RIMS (Atlanta, Alabama, Indianapolis, Florida and national)

  • ChicagoLand Risk Forum

  • NetDiligence (four times, once as a co-Chairman)

  • Advisen NY

  • Georgetown Law CyberSecurity Forum

  • Banking Risk Finance committee (for large FI CFOs)

  • EIM and Aegis Board meeting

  • EIM and Aegis conferences

  • Texas Bar Association CLE conference

  • Articles published in Financier Worldwide, Hospitality Upgrade


Mary serves on the Advisory Board for Berkley Cyber Risk. She graduated with a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance from the University of Georgia.


Mary Guzman

Managing Director

Phone: (404) 290-8155

Email: mary.guzman@msruw.com

Location: Atlanta Office

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