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Miami Specialty Risk Cyber and Tech E&O Breach Response and Claims Notification

Activating the Service
MSR have a Global Cyber Response Service which will take notifications of new incidents through a centralized call center. The call center has access to translators for non-English speaking parties. The translation service is on extremely tight service levels to avoid delays to the Insured in times of crisis. The call center takes basic details of the incident only and then contacts the MSR Incident Managers. The call center is manned 24 hours/7 days a week.


As an alternative to contacting the call center, Insureds can also activate the Cyber Response Service through an email address in the policy: cyber@ctplc.com. The email is monitored 24 hours/7 days a week. Cyber Response Service Within 2 hours of calling the call center or using the monitored email, an Incident Manager will call back the nominated point of contact at the Insured to conduct an initial fact find. During this call, the Incident Manager will recommend to the Insured appropriate steps to respond to the incident. Where appropriate, the Incident Manager may recommend the Insured engaging one or more of our panel of service providers. See more below. We also recognize that in some instances Insureds have specialist systems which require specific service providers to remediate. The Incident Manager is empowered to consider such vendors in a claim scenario and agree to their use (subject to a general reservation of rights) on a case by case basis.


The Incident Managers are all highly experienced individuals. There are over 35 Incident Managers around the world, speaking a wide array of languages, but all of them speak English. The Incident Managers have handled thousands of cyber incidents and this increases daily. Details of the CTA Incident Managers can be found on: http://www.ctplc.com/adjusting-services/charles-taylor-adjusting/technical-special-risks/cyber-risks-incident-management-and-adjusting/.


Notifications of claims and activation of the breach response service can be made to the monitored email: cyber@ctplc.com or to the 24/7 hotline: +1 844 502 9237. In addition to assisting policyholders by arranging service providers, the incident manager will project manage a coordinated response. They will also report the matter to MSR, the lead capacity provider behind the MSR cyber offerings, which alleviates some the administrative burden from our policyholders. This in turns leaves them free to concentrate on recovering their business.