About Us

At the heart of MSR’s mission and vision is the desire to offer solutions to real problems that clients of all sizes face in today’s hyper-connected world, and one where the value of a companies’ intangible assets might be far greater than that of its intangible assets.  The insurance market, once a pioneer in offering insurance behind what has become somewhat “routine” privacy breaches, is lagging behind.  Therefore, MSR will offer five distinct products and/or distribution channels. 


  • A market leading solution for contract-specific Owner Controlled E&O insurance (“OCIP E&O”).  Currently brokers do not seem to understand that they could offer this solution to their enterprise clients; and therefore the markets have not developed a program that be rolled out in large scale.  This solution solves a lot of business problems for both the Owner and the Vendor and, if distributed through a sophisticated and properly trained brokerage base, could be very lucrative. 

  • Cyber coverage for the franchisee segment (can be sold to other SME businesses), which is very difficult to find markets for at the moment.  The concern is over the perceived aggregation risk but we have solutions embedded in our offerings that will negate those concerns. 

  • Traditional cyber either on primary or excess (excess on major privacy risks) for large, complex (and potentially global) accounts; exceptional Terms and Conditions and in plain English.

Our Mission

To gain recognition as the most innovative developer of risk mitigation strategies and insurance products in the cyber, Media, and E&O arena, offering unparalleled expertise to brokers, and assisting their clients with the management of these top-tier business risks.

Our Vision

  • Offer unique “intangible” risk analytics and security tools through carefully developed and selected partnership arrangements

  • Provide unique risk quantification and insurance tools explained in layman’s terms

  • Offer insurance products that are distributed in a totally new way, addressing some of the most difficult challenges companies face in dealing with both upstream and downstream risks

  • Provide groundbreaking first party coverage for theft of IP, including Trade Secrets, with meaningful capacity and two value added services that are included as a part of this offering.

Our Values



All Broker and other partner relationships will be based on mutual honesty and respect



We will strive to bring new and different offerings, solving problems that are tough to crack, to our clients as our team and partners have done historically in their professional careers



We will not get mired down in yesterday’s issues but keep moving forward



We will use our decades of experience in risk identification, quantification, and mitigation to help our clients view cyber/IT/IP risks (arguably the most challenging of our time) from a different and better informed perspective.